Out of Context is a collection of bespoke, sustainable light installations handcrafted from discarded Baked Bean Cans.

Each Light shade is individually handcrafted with its own unique style.


Out of context pushes the boundaries of a materials application and societies’ perception of its usefulness. The material in question has been completely transformed so that it can be used in an alternative application from that of the original.

The collection consists of a variety of light shades and free standing lamps. Each shade and stand is individually handcrafted from several separate elements which combine together to produce a striking and unique style. The use of deconstructed cans as a material gives each shade a strong individual aesthetic, resulting in a one of a kind product that will elate any home whilst having a positive environmental effect. 

Every shade is produced to be completely recyclable, so when it is no longer required, its path of transformation can continue in a sustainable way. When lit each shade emits an almost star like quality of light, which through the use of LED bulbs extends the products positive environmental impacts, with magical results.

Every shade or lamp in the collection is 100% customisable with a choice of contemporary handmade rivets produced from a range of precious metals (Brass, Copper or Silver) or for a more contemporary twist hand painted in a variety of colours. The client’s ability to personalise each piece extends further with a wide range of bespoke lighting accessories.

This product was born through a passion for preserving nature and the desire that sustainable green design does not have to infringe our individuality or the beauty of our homes.

‘Take a material out of its normal context and it’s amazing how it can transform not only itself but the lives of others'