About the Artist

Katie Robinson is a Devon based Designer Maker specialising in functional interior and exterior accessories with a twist.

After recently achieving a First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Craft at Brighton University and Plymouth College of Art, Katie found her passion for making functional pieces of art for the home. This achievement has seen her embark on an exciting new venture and the launch of her own design house Obscure-Interiors.com.

 Katie is passionate about using unconventional materials to produce beautiful bespoke interior and exterior accessories, with kind regard for our natural environment.  Her work explores form, function & individuality. Pushing the boundaries of her creations and the materials she uses, exploring the concept of obscure convention. With influences firmly placed in nature and the development of a sustainable future. The delicate way that Katie approaches these unusual materials gives her work a subtle beauty and innate individuality, which would enhance any home.

Her current body of work Out of Context is a collection of bespoke, sustainable light instillations handcrafted from deconstructed baked bean cans.

This product was born through a passion for preserving nature and the desire that sustainable green design does not have to infringe our individuality or the beauty of our homes.

When talking to Katie I asked her what drives her produce such induvial work

“I love nature and my home and I want my craft to embellish both. I enjoy using strange or unconsidered materials to produce beautiful functional objects, mainly because the pieces themselves have the ability elate, inspire and surprise everybody.”

These lights are to be marvelled at for you would never know they were produced from the home of a humble bean.

Katie works across a broad spectrum of disciplines with extensive training in woods, metals, plastics and textiles and she uses her broad skill base to inform her practice. Her initial training as a blacksmith is still one of her greatest influences and her love for forge work means she still returns to her roots from time to time.

With the preservation of our planet at the forefront of Katie’s craft, she hopes to develop her work out into the community educating and developing the concept of green design and a sustainable future, with the arts at the forefront of thinking. She has embarked on many community projects ranging from school group projects to the installation of large sculptural pieces and wishes to develop this further.  Katie is well known for embracing any artistic challenge big or small with problem solving and blue sky thinking being one of her strongest attributes.

As an emerging artist Katie’s collection Out of Context has recently been exhibited at London Design Festival and Brownston Gallery.  Her ambition is to develop new products and continue to grow her new business, so please check in from time to time to see what new exciting products she has created and where her work can be viewed next.